Fraudulent Military Programs


Billions of Pentagon dollars are wasted each year to develop and field new technology that provides limited military utility. This is obvious to those who spend a couple hours reading about these concepts, and are well-known to those benefiting from these frauds. Research is fun for scientists and very profitable for defense contractors because it can become decades of steady payments resulting in fat profits. They pay retired Generals and Admirals huge sums to sell these programs to Congressmen who also profit indirectly from campaign contributions and future employment. Here are several G2mil articles about fraudulent weapons programs:

The Railgun Fallacy - our Navy's most blatant fraud

The Tank is Dead - a big cannon is too limited

Laser Weapons Scams - selling a fantasy

Dysfunctional Amphibious Ships - US Navy faux amphibs

SM-3 Missile Defense Fraud - the SM-3 is far too small

The EMALS Disaster - an aircraft carrier that can't launch jet aircraft

                                 Carlton Meyer