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Jan 27, 2023 - Tank Games

The US Army has maintained a US Army armored brigade with 300 M-1 tanks along Poland’s border with Ukraine for over a year now. They keep this quiet. They could send these tanks across the border tomorrow, but..

This just in — US Army Generals have no intention of sending M-1s to Ukraine. They are slow-walking this, pulling tanks from long-term storage stateside, which means they must be sent to the factory in Lima, Ohio for a rebuild/upgrade that will take weeks, plus at least a month to ship them to Ukraine. So these tanks will not show up until after summer, after Russia has won.

“Just before Biden’s speech, several administration officials previewed the announcement to reporters. Those officials declined to specify which Abrams tank variant will be sent to Ukraine but said the US will not pull these vehicles from units or existing stockpiles and instead use the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. A DoD fact sheet said they’d be part of a $400 million USAI package.

“While the deliveries will take some time, because this is a procurement, the United States will begin now to establish a comprehensive training program for their use,” one administration official said. “These tanks are complex systems that require a significant amount of training and maintenance, so [the Department of Defense] is currently working through the mechanisms to deliver the fuel and equipment Ukraine will need to operate and to maintain the Abrams.”

That official declined to detail when the Abrams tanks will arrive inside the country but said it will take “months as opposed to weeks.” Once there they will help Ukraine with combined arms maneuver operations to “to defend and reclaim their territory,” the official said.

Part of the reason questions about the Abrams variant and delivery timeline went unanswered is because the administration hasn’t decided on a firm path ahead, according to Assistant Secretary of the US Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Douglas Bush. Speaking to reporters after the announcement, Bush said the Army is creating a laundry list of options for Pentagon officials to consider before deciding which way to go.

“There are multiple courses of action and it’s not just the tanks,” he added. “We have to be able to [deliver] tanks, support equipment, the training, the ammunition, the fuel… It’s really a bigger picture.”

Meanwhile, NATO nations will have donated most of their tanks to Ukraine and will need new ones. That's when the US Army says we got dozens of newly upgraded M-1s you can buy! And the production line is running if you need more.

Jan 26, 2023 - The Slow Grind in Ukraine

Like most western military watchers, I was confused by grinding Russian tactics at first. We expected big arrow offensives to break thru and encircle Ukrainian units and take lots of prisoners. I think I know why they are using this slow attrition tactic.

1. Donbas is now part of Russia. They don’t want a million unhappy Ukrainians living there who might cause trouble. Drive out all the civilians with a slow advance. After the war, allow Russian civilians to return and Ukrainians who want to live in Russia and promise loyalty. The others can stay in Poland.

2. The Russians don’t want to shatter Ukrainian units causing thousands to flee to the cities where they can put up an much better defense. The Russians don’t want to fight in the cities. They want Ukrainian soldiers to come out to open farmland and get slaughtered by artillery.

3. The Russians don’t want to encircle units and capture 200,000 Ukrainian soldiers who they must guard, feed, and release one day who may cause problems in the future. Best to kill anyone who dares oppose Russia in a bloody grind.

This is bloody and slow, but a much better long-term strategy.

Jan 19, 2023 - Joe Biden's Rental Bonanza

Documents hint that some of the millions of dollars Hunter Biden received from China and Ukraine were passed on to his dad. The current scandal of classified documents left at Biden's home in Delaware made news. Reporters pursued this story and learned that Hunter Biden has lived in this house for several years and was paying his dad $50,000 a month in rent, more than ten times the going rate in that area. Why? How? Our media will not follow up on this explosive revelation. 

Jan 12, 2023 - Propagandists

Our media is filled with propagandists. They often use childish insults when referring to certain people. They never discuss each side of a conflict; they state one is good and the other evil. For example, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was not "unprovoked" but the propagandists always write about an unprovoked invasion. They are always sure about the outcome of things. No one knows how this war will turn out, except the propagandists who assure everyone that evil Russians will lose. Our corporate media no longer shares each side of a story, only the official narrative of the US government.

Jan 5, 2023 - COVID Boosters are Harmful

Tucker Carlson did the most important interview of 2022 and it was ignored by our political class, media, and Congress. Getting a COVID booster is more harmful than COVID, except for those with weak immune systems.


                                                  Carlton Meyer

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