Enemies of the Empire

Dec 28, 2015 - Wind Energy Politics

Wind power farms grew rapidly until a couple years ago when natgas prices dipped due to an increase of supply due to fracking. Some people assume that fracking has solved our nation's energy problem, but it's just temporary. Fracking is cheap because it uses a pressure system to squeeze more oil and natgas out of depleted wells, so there is not an endless supply. These old wells will run dry again, and few wells will become available to frack each year, so natgas prices will rise and interest in wind power return. Here is a DOE wind map of potential wind farm locations. 

I read a lot about wind power while writing for Sanders Research and proposed three ideas to boost this industry. First, most of the cost of a wind farm is not the equipment. Land must be purchased and some locals oppose them since the turbines are noisy. Good road access is needed to move huge towers, turbines, and blades, and power lines must be built, which also require road access. However, governments own noisy highways with lots of idle land around them. These are often near power lines and have great road access. Governments can simply offer this land to wind power companies for free use, as we once did to encourage railroads to expand.

A similar idea would install wind turbines on big bridges along coastal highways. Most are in very windy locations and many are very long. The Chesapeake Bay bridge is 4.3 miles long! No towers are needed for the turbines! These may not be huge turbines, but attaching a series of wind turbines alongside big bridges is possible.

The third issue is the power grid monopoly. Whenever wind farms are proposed, they demand billions of dollars to upgrade their grid to move this power to big cities. The biggest proposal calls for routing wind power generated electricity from the windy Dakotas to the Chicago area, though some 30% of power would be lost during transmission. This occurs because it takes power to push power along power lines. However, I discovered that most electrical power in North Dakota is generated by coal plants! I noted there was no need for expensive and inefficient new power grids to move wind power hundreds of miles when cities in the Dakotas can use this power. This may require federal legislation to force local utilities to buy wind power. There is a lot of "good ole boy" cronyism where utilities kill proposals by refusing to buy wind and solar power since that upsets their long-time friends in the coal and natgas industries. 

Dec 26, 2015 - Student Loans Become IRS Debt

I was reading about recent bankruptcy cases in which judges discharged student loan debt. The Dept of Education always argued that their Income Based Repayment program makes discharging loans unnecessary since payments are limited to only 10% a income for 10 years, and even less for those with very low income. Interest still accumulates so the debt may grow for 10 years, but so long as the minimum payment is made for 10 years the debt is forgiven. 

However, as this program reaches the 10-year mark, lawyers discovered that forgiven debts are reported as income to the IRS, as required by law. So a poor working guy making $30,000 a year with four kids may pay only $10 each month as his student loan debt grows to $100,000. This is written off after 10 years, but now his income for that year is $130,000! He loses whatever welfare benefits he was collecting like food stamps, and loses around $10,000 from an annual "tax refund" via the child tax and earned income credit. Then he can't pay the $30,000 in income taxes now owed the IRS on his one-time $130,000 annual income, so the IRS slaps on steep penalties and fees and begins the collection process, which may include wage garnishment and future tax refund seizures, plus more bad credit marks.

His best choice is to find $1000 somewhere and apply for bankruptcy to discharge the new IRS debt, but that leaves another 10 years of bad credit reports. As a result, a couple of judges became activists and declared this system abusive debt peonage, and discharge unpayable student loans during bankruptcy like any other debt. As I've written before, the first step in reforming the student loan racket, from which Uncle Sam pockets billions of dollars a year, is to lower the interest rate (now up to 7%) and eliminate the outrageous 20% default penalty, which double many student loan debts within a decade! Recalculate all debt owed as principle plus 1% a year in interest to make repayment reasonable and practical. The Dept of Education would lose a few billion dollars year rather than earn a few billion, but this is a government program designed to help citizens educate themselves. To limit losses, there should be a cap on how much students can borrow.

Dec 22, 2015 - Trump is a KKK leader!

Have you noticed the childish smears by "reputable" new organizations as they try to take down populist Donald Trump? They run stories that "a Trump supporter" was arrested, or is a felon, or a supporter said this or that vile thing. These are people who have never met Trump and have nothing to do with his campaign, but are used to imply Trump endorses their view. I saw one today and wondered what vile propaganda rag published it, so I clicked the link.

How America’s dying white supremacist movement is seizing on Donald Trump’s appeal

And it was the "esteemed" Washington Post! The article is filled with proof that Trump is a racist because of statements made by a few of his supporters. I expect to be in the news soon: "Supporter states that Trump is a KKK leader."

Dec 20, 2015 - StuG-III

What was the most common German tank in World War II? I've read a lot about that war, but would never have guessed it was the StuG-III. Some people refuse to call it a tank since its had no turret, but it was employed like a tank. Over 10,000 were built because they cost much less to build and maintain since they lacked a complex turret. And since they lacked a turret, their profile was lower and stronger, so they were more likely to survive hits. 

Dec 13, 2015 - Where Did You Come From?

While doing family history research, I came across two outstanding free websites. Findagrave is documenting all cemeteries in the USA, with headstone photos! Just type in a name and date or place of death and you'll probably find something of interest. The Mormons have always had an interest in family history and established a free website full of U.S. Census data that can be searched.

Dec 7, 2015 - Trump Still Leads

After months of persistent attacks by our corporate media, Donald Trump is still well ahead in the polls. The smear tactics, like this one, have little effect. The powers that be fear Trump so much that big money Republicans would quietly back Hillary Clinton if Trump wins the nomination. She is a friend of Wall Street and the empire profiteers. While Trump may be all BS, at least he might do something to save the USA. All the other candidates, except Sanders and maybe Paul, are just corporate puppets.

Dec 5, 2015 - Sir James Goldsmith

I recently stumbled across video of an old interview with the brilliant billionaire James Goldsmith. I read his book "The Trap" that revealed the plot by his greedy fellow billionaires to impoverish the working class in the Western world with "free trade". History has proven him correct, yet our corrupt President and Congress push for more free trade to make working Americans even poorer.

Dec 3, 2015 - More Battles Lost

I'm up to 94 Lost Battles of the Vietnam War. I've been reading about the bombing campaigns against North Vietnam, and American losses where high! Here is one:

Attack on Xom Bong - The "Rolling Thunder" bombing campaign began on Mar 2, 1965 as dozens of American jets attacked an ammunition storage facility 35 miles north of the DMZ. Several buildings were destroyed, but two F-100D and three F-105D fighter aircraft were shot down by ground fire.

Nov 29, 2015 - One Night in Kunduz

Maybe you recall a news story from a few weeks back about an American AC-130 aircraft attacking a hospital in Afghanistan killing 30 innocents and wounding many more. An AC-130 slowly circles and has plenty of time to carefully examine potential targets before opening direct fire. Its navigation systems and night vision sights are first class. Attacking this well known and easily identifiable hospital was inexcusable, so I was curious who would be blamed. The initial excuses were inconsistent but we all know no General would be blamed. The official report produced by the guilty was just released and blamed no one in particular except low-level unnamed persons who made honest mistakes, saying it "tragic, but avoidable." It said human errors compounded by technical malfunctions onboard the AC-130 attack aircraft caused the strikes, which went on almost an hour.

The key evidence of this crime is that every AC-130 mission is recorded. There is a video and audio record. Here is one from Afghanistan. If you watch that video, note the detailed crew comments. If ordered to destroy a hospital, there must of been crew chat about the legal and moral issues. They were committing a crime, and would discuss things before they pulled the trigger. Yes, I’m an optimist, but they were concerned about who would be blamed for this crime, and if Generals will throw them under the bus. It is unclear if anyone will be punished. They suspended a few people, but that's more like hiding them under the bus for a while.

The Generals know exactly what happened, which is why they will never tell. All decent reporters must stand up at press conferences and ask when these videotapes will be released. This is all that is needed, no investigation, no hearings. Just let us all see the tape! Ask Obama at a press conference and watch him dance the question away. If he claims they are classified, ask if he watched them! And which part is classified, because none of the youtube videos are?

For those who have never been a military officer, if a building is placed off limits to attack, it is OFF LIMITS! No exceptions. It doesn’t matter if there were armed Taliban, and there weren’t. It doesn’t even matter if Taliban were firing from the hospital, and there weren't. If that occurred, and no one claimed it did, the aircraft would back off and request permission from a senior American General, who lacks the authority to waive international law anyway. A senior officer somewhere violated international law in this case and murdered dozens. Even then, the airmen are still guilty of war crimes for following illegal orders. Who and why?

But we know how this goes. Nothing to see here. Move on. The Washington press corps are just highly paid stenographers. Only white French lives matter, but not white Russian lives. No one mentions the French air force had slaughtered dozens of innocent Syrians in the weeks before the Paris attack, and more afterwards. 

I suspect this blatant hospital attack happened when a mad General ordered something be done when one of his C-130s crashed nearby a couple days prior when it was hit during takeoff “by a rising object.” This was a SpecOps mission, and they feel exempt by American or International law. This case demonstrates who rules the world, the Pentagon, and no one else.

Nov 27, 2015 - Wow, a Brilliant Congresswomen

This CNN interview is a month old, but I was surprised to see perpetual warmonger Wolf Blitzer interview a brilliant, informed, attractive, and bold Congresswomen - Iraq war vet Tulsi Gabbard. You can be sure she will not be invited to appear on our corporate media anymore.

Nov 26, 2015 - G2mil Blog is Back!

My hosting company moved G2mil to a new server a month ago. It soon went off-line and they couldn't determine why, so they blamed my 15-year old web authoring software, suggesting that I upgrade. Maybe I should, but I know this one and don't want to spend hours and some money to modernize. But after a couple of days the website was back on line. I asked and they said the server was restarted for routine maintenance and that somehow fixed the problem.

But I could no longer upload/update, and my software was blamed again. I spent weeks trying different things and learned that my Windows 7 and authoring software had missing files, and that when I run anti-virus software, it deletes infected files unless they are critical, but that may cause other problems. I also learned this past summer Microsoft began offering their new Windows 10 upgrade free, rather than charging $120 like past upgrades. Windows has been losing market share and few would pay to upgrade Windows anyway so hence this offer. The online upgrade was easy, although it got hung "updating"; but a quick internet search revealed this is a common problem and easily fixed by temporarily turning off the automatic upgrade function.

Windows 10 is no big advance. It starts faster and has a nice new picture everyday, but that's all, except it makes my old computer look new. However, it did not solve my upload problem, and Filezilla didn't work either. I was considering new software or a new hosting service, but continued trying work arounds and finally found something odd that worked. Problem solved! 

Nov 3, 2015 - Bombs Away Forever!

A great story about wasting billions of dollars each year to kill dozens Iraqi and Syrian civilians each day is this recent "60 Minutes" episode

Thousands of analysts try to find "targets" each day, then mad bombers fly at a cost of millions of dollars each day to bomb a few buildings or a sniper. Each strike must kill several innocents, but they don't know or care, they are having great fun flying "combat" missions. The bomb video they show was their best result that month, but they don't show the other 99% where they blow up a building and aren't sure if it did any good, or who they hit. Even if no civilians are killed, each building destroyed had a purpose: housing, warehouse, pharmacy, store. Each owner and his family had their livelihood destroyed, and locals lose jobs and income. Power, sewer, and water lines, sidewalks and roads are damaged while everyone for miles is traumatized. The USAF may have killed more Syrians than ISIS this past year! It certainly destroyed far more property.

Note the General says they have plenty of airpower, which kills the current spin that we could win if we just bombed more. They are scheduled to fly a dozen missions each day, and analysts must provide a target list each day or they will be accused of incompetence and punished, and replaced with someone who will provide a daily target list. This is great fun for military officers and provides billions of dollars in easy profits for certain people. They could do this for years! 

All this bombing provides new recruits for anti-American elements because only genocidal heathens would blow up a dozen of buildings each day killing dozens of Iraqi and Syrian civilians, each day. To claim that of the thousands of bombs dropped so far, only five innocents were killed, is ludicrous. This is one reason the new Iraqi Army refuses to fight for their American warlords.

This reminds me of a 1984 passage from the late Col. Fletcher Prouty USAF:

" ...we must understand that it has become the objective of 'low intensity conflict' to continue the wasting of money, the pointless killing of defenseless people, and the consumption or attrition of costly war materiel to make way for the procurement of more. 'Low-intensity conflict' is a way in which the hundreds of billions of dollars of armaments produced each year can be used, destroyed, and wasted this year in order that more may be procured and used next year."

Nov 1, 2015 - Flying Down the Freeway

I love when something new appears in the news. In this case, a young fool was speeding down an LA freeway with no seatbelt and with his window open. He lost control and rolled his car sideways down the freeway. He was thrown out the car so high that he crashed into a freeway sign, and the dead body stayed there! Firemen covered him with a sheet until they got a lift while traffic flowed past.

Oct 30, 2015 - Labor Supply and Demand

Poor Americans are lucky that a federal judge halted Obama's illegal attempt to grant work permits to millions of foreigners early this year. As a result, we read news like this:

"....The tightening market is good news for workers. It's forcing many retailers, such as Walmart, Target, and TJ Maxx, to raise wages and improve worker benefits, such as medical coverage, to better compete for employees. Walmart recently increased its starting salary for workers to $9 an hour, and it's planning to bump it to $10 next year. The move will affect 500,000 workers out of the 1.3 million that Walmart employs in the US. After Walmart announced its wage increase, Target and TJ Maxx quickly followed suit. Target said it would raise its starting salary to $9 an hour and TJ Maxx said its starting hourly wages would increase to $10 by 2016.

The average retail worker in the US makes $10.29 an hour, or $21,390 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some retailers are also looking at ways to provide their employees with more consistent scheduling — which is rare in the retail industry — to attract more workers. Walmart, for example, will start offering some workers the ability next year to work the same shifts on the same days every week."

Oct 29, 2015 - A Real Reporter Corners McCain

The reason political leaders often speak like deranged idiots is because our corporate controlled media allows it. Watch this video from a few months ago with an "amateur" reporter refusing to accept Senator McCain's lies. McCain now looks foolish as he insisted the USA can overthrow the Syrian government and the Russians would do nothing.

Oct 25, 2015 - Open Borders Insanity

http://americanfreepress.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/LoadedBoatGreece-300x231.jpgThis photo of anxious refugees shows what occurs when modern nations allow open borders, to include open borders to anyone who claims to be a refugee. If the USA ever allowed open borders this would occur on a mass scale. There are over three billion poor people on Earth who could scrap together $200 for a standing room only one-week trip to the USA as animal cargo aboard old cargo ships. American ports would become massive refugee camps as millions of desperate, penniless foreigners arrive each month.

Oct 19, 2015 - U.S. Army Mobilization began in 1938?

For anyone who still thinks the USA was "surprised" at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 and "thrust" into World War II, read this official U.S. Army document: Highlights of Mobilization, World War II, 1938-1942. Here are some highlights of our "peacetime" Army that in 1938 had just 167,000 active enlisted and 190,000 in the National Guard.

"These actions of June-September 1940 were designed to produce a 1,000,000-man Army by 1 January 1941 and 1,400,000-man Army by 1 July 1941 (consist, 500,000 RA, 270,000 NG, and 630,000 selectees). In units: 27 Infantry, 4 Armored, 2 Cavalry Divisions, necessary supporting corps, army, and GHQ troops, and 54 combat air groups."

And just prior to our being "forced" into World War II, lots of construction began:

"Between summer 1940 and December 1941, provision of 29 reception centers (for receiving and classifying inductees) and 21 replacement training centers."

"During fiscal 1940-41, about 45 new communities constructed for Army populations of from 10,000 to 63,000; more than half of them on new sites."

Note that World War II didn't officially begin until Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, yet we started mobilizing for war in 1938!

Oct 18, 2015 - Hillary's Crimes

Every government employee knows that using a non-government e-mail account for government business is a serious breach of security. As Secretary of State, not only did Clinton ignore this rule, she arrogantly set up an unsecure private e-mail server for most of her e-mails. Perhaps she was attempting to prevent government snoops from reading her e-mails. But it was most likely that she wanted to hide her e-mails to thwart any investigations.

She failed, and her misdeed became a serious criminal offense when it was learned that hundreds of her e-mails contained classified information that foreigners intercepted. Government workers are promptly fired for such breaches, and some are imprisoned. Things looked so bad that Democratic party corporate sponsors had reluctant Joe Biden warm up in the bullpen for a presidential run. 

Now it looks like Hillary will escape this scandal. Obama let it be known that he supports the corporate anointed successor by publicly pardoning her on "60 Minutes". The Democratic political machine instructed everyone to avoid this topic in the debates, and even got Bernie Sanders to dismiss her crimes. In return, he was back stabbed as moderator, covert CIA operative Anderson Cooper, announced that Sanders is unelectable because he's a commie lover.

Oct 11, 2015 - Now 88 Vietnam Losses

Attack on Qui Nhon Barracks - The US Army leased a hotel to house a helicopter field support unit. On February 10, 1965, Vietcong sappers killed its two guards, placed two large satchel charges, and blew up the hotel, killing 23 Americans and seriously wounding another 21.

The Battle of An Ninh - The newly arrived 101st Airborne employed the new helo assault tactic to surprise the NVA. The plan was to fly an entire battalion into an area where a strong enemy presence was suspected. The intelligence proved accurate as the first company landed next to a large NVA unit and was pinned down. As the second wave attempted to land, several helicopters were shot down and the rest fled without dropping troops after all suffered damage. Helicopters were borrowed from other units and troops eventually landed further away and rushed to save the surrounded company that was nearly overrun. 

LZ Hereford Overrun - During Operation Crazy Horse, the 1st Battalion of the 12th Cavalry was was out searching for the enemy. A hundred NVA slipped past and quickly overran a mortar platoon, killing 16 GIs while wounding five soldiers as they escaped.

Helicopter Valley - On July 15, 1966, Operation Hastings began as the 3rd Battalion of the 4th Marines helicoptered into small LZ Crow. Enemy ground fire caused five large Marine CH-46A helicopters to crash, killing 13 Marines and seriously wounding a dozen more.

Battle of Bong Trang - In late August 1966, a squad from of the 1st Infantry Division ventured into the dense jungle near Saigon in search of the enemy. It wandered into a large NVA base camp and was shot up. Reinforcements poured into this confusing, bloody, two-day battle that left 45 Americans dead, hundreds wounded, with the loss of a helicopter and several armored vehicles.

Kon Tum Attack - During Operation Sam Houston, elements of the 4th Division swept along the Cambodian border. The isolated 1st Platoon from Company C, 2/8 Infantry was attacked. Only one soldier remained unscathed as 21 were killed and 14 wounded but the platoon held on until rescued at daybreak. 

Coast Group 16 Naval Base Destroyed - On August 7, 1967, the Vietcong launched a surprise attack on the coastal gunboat base at Tra Khuc and quickly seized it. All but one of the base buildings were destroyed as friendly gunboats arrived and engaged the invaders aboard the base. The fighting killed 14 South Vietnamese sailors along with an American officer and 20 civilians, while 30 Vietcong prisoners were freed.

Battle of Plei Doc - During Operation Francis Marion, B Co., 8th Inf., 1st Bde., 4th Inf. Div went into the dense jungle near in Cambodian border to make contact with the NVA. On May 18, 1967, its D Platoon went on a short patrol and chased a lone NVA scout, who led them into an ambush. The platoon was surrounded and wiped out with 22 killed and one missing. Seven wounded survivors hid from the NVA that night until their battalion came to the rescue, which lost a total of 48 killed and 96 wounded during this battle

A MIG Day - On August 30, 1967, the U.S. Air Force launched a second attack on a power plant near Hanoi. Two MIGs slipped into the formation of 28 aircraft and shot down two F-105 fighter bombers. The strike was aborted and several F-105s circled to support the rescue effort. Two more MIGs swooped down and chased them away while shooting down another F-105 and damaging another with no MIGs lost.

Chu Lai Attack - In the early morning of Jan. 31, 1968, the Vietcong fired 48 122mm rockets at the Marine Corps airbase at Chu Lai while sappers attacked. They exploded the main ammo dump that set off 600 tons of bombs. This attack flattened several hangars, damaged buildings, destroyed five F-4 fighters and damaged 18 other aircraft, while killing three officers and wounding several enlisted.

Echo Relief Force Wiped Out - In February 1968, a Marine outpost near Da Nang was in danger of being overrun. A Marine captain led 16 Marines on foot to reinforce them, but ran into a much larger NVA force and they were slaughtered. Twelve Marines were killed, three escaped, while two were taken prisoner and died in captivity.

Oct 4, 2015 - Laughable Propaganda

Most Americans are so overwhelmed by corporate media propaganda that they make absurd comments. Some say Syria's Assad is evil because he kills his own people. All governments kill their own people, especially if they are armed and trying to overthrow it. If Syria sent arms to radical Americans who attacked military bases and government offices, the US government would certainly kill them, and accidently kill many innocent civilians in the process.

The long discredited "Assad gassed his own people" myth continues. If you recall, as soon as Obama announced that if Assad used poison gas, a line will have been crossed and the US would intervene. A few days later, gas was used and warmongers demanded an invasion. A UN investigation concluded it was chlorine gas, a deadly industrial gas but not a banned chemical weapon. Moreover, it was the rebels who employed it.

Syria's use of barrel bombs is often called hideous. These are crude bombs made from oil barrels that the Syrians must use since they lack aircraft bombs, which are more powerful. While the USA has dropped far more bombs on Syria than its government, one must suppose the American bombs don't hurt anyone. 

For those who think that our military's perfect targeting process spares innocent civilians, read the about the recent American bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan. The hospital was bombed several times over an hour despite assurances by the Afghan president that bombs would not fall on the city and despite several frantic phone calls to the American military. The building had been used as a hospital for years and was filled with dozens of disarmed Taliban soldiers wounded in recent fighting. Apparently, American Generals were upset that the Taliban had shot down one of their C-130 aircraft and sought revenge.

For a great laugh, read this legal expert explain why Russia responding to a request to help defend the UN recognized Syrian government is illegal. He claims that since "some" nations no longer consider Assad's government legitimate, it does not exist. But the punch line is when he justifies American bombing in Syria. He implies that Obama's aerial bombings of Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria are all legal "self defense" missions. 

Does anyone remember why we started bombing Syria? It was something about the unknown Yazidi tribe in Iraq being threatened and surrounded. They were "rescued" from a mountain and it turns out they were never surrounded. Then somehow, we started bombing Syria several times a day with no long-term objective.

Sep 28, 2015 - Emptying Syria

One reason Syrians are fleeing is because of massive American bombing. The Washington Post reported that we've dropped more bombs (22,478) on Syria this year than the past five years in Afghanistan. This is all part of a failed four-year Saudi/Israeli/American attempt to overthrow the government of Syria. The EU is upset by the 381,000 refugees that it has accepted so far this year, but there are four million Syrian refugees in neighboring nations. Are they heading to the EU now?

Putin gained strong support around the world with a simple solution -- support the Syrian government to crush ISIS and end the suffering. He notes that if Syria falls, their two million Christians may be killed by Muslim fanatics. There will be Libyan style chaos and genocide. Who benefits from this expensive, bloody, and senseless effort to empty Syria?

The only nation that may benefit is Israel. As that nation becomes more Zionist and continues expanding into the West Bank, it may have bigger objectives. The current borders of Israel are only part of the "Promised Land" mentioned in the Bible. If Syria is emptied and left with bands of jihadist fighting amongst themselves, some are sure to fire across the border at Israel. That would justify an invasion of Syria in order to restore order and establish a security buffer. 

Then Jewish "settlements" may appear as the remaining locals are gradually herded into smaller and smaller zones. Since the world recognizes Israel's right to exist and many agree that the "Promised Land" is God given, who would object? Israel continues to expand into the West Bank each month in direct violation of UN resolutions and over the objections of the USA and EU. Israel unilaterally annexed Syria's Golan Heights in 1981 and "settled" it. Would anyone stop their annexation of most of Syria? This may seem like a wild conspiracy theory, but continued growth to a "Greater Israel" has been advocated for a long time and explains the senseless destruction and depopulation of Syria.

Sep 21, 2015 - Importing Arabs 

Mysterious persons who control Europe have decided to import hundreds of thousands of desperate Arabs. The news pretends these are uncontrolled refugees, but a system was established to transport them to Europe. Look at a map of the Greek islands just off the coast of Turkey. They are so close that Arabs can see them from Turkey. If they get to one, they’ve made it to Europe! They are then “entitled” to go elsewhere, and the EU actually pays to ferry them forward, lest they overwhelm these small, remote islands.

Watch recent video of this importation where human cargo is treated like cattle. Note the location of Lesbos (Lesvos) on the map. Refugees are encouraged by various entities to leave Turkey by paying smugglers a few dollars to move them to an offshore island. (You can see nearby Turkey in the background of that video). They look healthy, well clothed and well fed, yet no one is turning them away, but herding them onto ships for central Europe. Most are healthy young men with no ID who dream of riches but may not enjoy cleaning toilets and washing dishes for hostile Germans. This is news worldwide and millions are now on the march to invade Europe.

In a world where governments are true democracies, the EU would huddle one day and announce that due to the impossibility of defending Greek shores, that nation is exempt from EU refugee/asylum rules and invaders will be returned to their point of origin immediately. European ships can intercept any boat or raft heading to a Greek island and tow it back to Turkey. This "crisis" would end in a day! Yet the EU has ordered all members to accept their share of these imported "refugees" even though most citizens hate the idea. American Secretary of State, multi-millionaire John Kerry, announced that he okayed dumping 100,000 more a year into American cities. Who benefits from this mass migration? It's not the citizens of Europe and the USA who suffer from high unemployment and large government fiscal deficits.

Sep 19, 2015 - Football and Infantry

There has been lots of news about the Obama administration's effort to open all military jobs to women. Everyone familiar with infantry operations knows this is a bad idea, and not just because women are smaller and weaker. Half of American men can't do infantry jobs either.

The best example is a similar question: Can women play pro football? The answer is yes. What if an NFL owner demanded that women consist of at least 25% of his team, with at least three women on the field at all times. That is feasible, but the team would lose all its games, and all its male players would be furious. It is worse in combat because limbs and lives are lost. Luckily, our military has only played Pop Warner level opponents since this "women in combat" effort began. 

Not only infantry are affected, but many other military jobs. When the USS Cole was hit with a bomb in 2000, the women crew cried and did nothing while several men abandoned their post to check on their loved one. Sailors will tell you that women cannot lug heavy things up ladders and cannot perform many other needed tasks. Moreover, even crew with "desk" jobs have other jobs aboard ship: battle stations, firefighting teams, or "all hands on deck" for whatever task is needed.

To make matters worse, the Obama folks doubled the extra time off for pregnancy to 18 weeks! Keep in mind that women are also allowed at least three months of "light duty" when they are pregnant, so are not expected to do anything difficult. Who does their work during this time? If the Obama folks meet their goal of at least 25% of ship crews with women, at least 10% of the crew will not be available to deploy due to pregnancy issues.

Women who want a large family should join the Navy and get assigned to a ship. Once they get pregnant, they can't deploy, so are left behind with some odd make work job ashore, like handing out towels at the gym. When the ship returns they have a medical excuse for "light duty" so they only have to show up for work but are expected to do nothing. The baby arrives so they get 18 weeks off for maternity leave and another four weeks for annual leave. When that ends, many military women show up for just four hours of loitering around on "light duty" since they just had a child and then "must" go home for the day because its time to breastfeed. After a year of their not available status, its time to resume full-time duties, but they get pregnant again and start the cycle again. 

Officers cannot openly discuss these problems because they will be attacked as anti-women and anti-family. They must give these absent sailors good performance reviews because they've done nothing wrong, because they've done nothing. Meanwhile, hard-working crewmen tire of the 12-hour days needed to cover for the absence of others, and many great ones leave when their enlistment ends, or have their reenlistment denied because of the women quota that includes members of a ship crew who rarely did any work and missed the last two deployments. Women are suitable for about half of military jobs, but certainly not infantry or even ship crews.

Sep 16, 2015 - Zumper

The data on the free website Zumper is of interest. It lists median apartment rents in America's 50 largest cities. It costs three times more to rent in Chicago than Indianapolis. It costs twice as much to rent in Los Angeles than Las Vegas, which is just four hours away. It costs twice a much to rent in dangerous Oakland compared to nicer Sacramento. Rents in these two cities have risen 20% just this past year! What happens to retirees and their 2% annual COLAs? 

When I lived in the ultra high priced San Francisco Bay area, I often told low wage workers they should seek a job in Sacramento since low wage jobs there pay the same but housing costs are less than half. It is only 1.5 hours away, has less crime, and less traffic. Locals never really consider moving anywhere, but I know of two who took my advice. 

Sep 13, 2015 - Trump Dumps on Sacred "Free Trade"

Here is an example of why Trump is winning:

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump repeated his claim Tuesday evening that he would stop eating Oreos, citing the cookie maker’s decision to close a plant in Chicago and move it to Mexico.

…..Oreo’s parent company Mondelez International Inc. said last month that it decided to invest $130 million in building four new production lines at a plant in Mexico, which will replace nine older production lines at its Chicago plant.

That will mean the number of jobs at the Chicago plant will go from about 1,200 to about 600, said Laurie Guzzinati, a Mondelez representative. But the plant in Chicago will remain open.

Guzzinati said the decision to invest in the Mexico plant came after discussions with union representatives for workers at the Chicago plant. She said the company determined that the new production lines would cost $46 million less per year in Mexico than in Chicago, and said labor was “one of many factors.”

I can imagine the discussion with the union, something like we are being nice and keeping half the jobs here, for now. If you strike, we'll move all the jobs to Mexico. No other Republican will touch this key issue, which 95% of Americans think is vital. Many of the elites mocked Trump for this, including multi-millionaire comedian Steven Colbert. They mock Americans for wanting to work in a cookie factory, saying they want all Americans to have a nice desk job at Google. They’ve even convinced many small minded Americans that they don’t want such jobs, so exporting them is great and allowing millions of illegals and legals into the USA for such jobs is a a great idea.

In reality, Americans don’t like 99% of jobs, which is why we love paid holidays. Do you go to work on Thanksgiving for fun? Americans work if the pay, benefits, and work conditions are reasonable. No one wants to work in an auto factory in the USA, but there is wait list for new jobs because the pay is good. They are gradually breaking their unions and slowly driving down wages so that soon we’ll see illegals working in these plants since these are “jobs Americans don’t want.” They’ve already done this in the meat packers, truck drivers, and home construction industries. This is why this important news story got little coverage by the our corporate media, who focused on Trump’s comment that Fiorina does not look presidential.

Sep 12, 2015 - Aliens Thwarted Nuclear War?

In a past blog post, I mentioned that given all the near nuclear war incidents and accidents since 1945, one must suspect a greater being has intervened. Most people consider this idea far outside the box, so I was pleased to read that an American Apollo astronaut reached the same conclusion. 

Sep 7, 2015 - Four More Lost Battles

Operation Spring High - President Johnson authorized a punitive strike on two new SAM sites in North Vietnam considered the likely culprits behind the downing of a USAF F-4. On July 27, 1965, Operation Spring High was launched as 46 USAF F-105 fighter-bombers attacked SAM missile sites 6 and 7. Six F-105s were lost to ground fire during the mission while later bomb damage assessment photos showed that neither site had missile systems installed.

Operation Indiana - On March 28, 1966, the 1st battalion of the 7th Marines helicoptered into the Quang Ngai area to establish a blocking position. Its Company C encountered a VC heavy weapons battalion and attacked, but was shot up and pinned down. It suffered heavy causalities and was forced to withdraw before nightfall leaving most of its dead behind. The VC withdrew that night after having killed 11 Marines and wounding 55.

Commando Club Disaster - On Nov 18, 1967, the USAF hoped to employ its new "Commando Club" radar guided bombing system to attack the NVA MIG fighter base at Phuc Ye. This was thwarted when two NVA MIGs swooped down on the formation of 20 attacking USAF F-105s and shot down two aircraft while a swarm of 13 SAMs launched from the airbase downed two more approaching F-105s. The remaining strike force jettisoned their bombs before reaching the target area and turned toward home.

Firebase Kate Captured - In September 1969, thirty American soldiers with 150 local Montagnards established Firebase Kate near the Cambodian border. The base had no road access and was beyond the range of artillery support from other bases. The American officers at the base knew it was very vulnerable, and within a month thousands NVA surrounded the base and began a siege. After five days of artillery and mortar attacks, helicopter resupply ended and the Americans destroyed their artillery and ammo and escaped.

Sep 6, 2015 - The Textbook Racket

One of the most powerful rackets in the USA is the multi-billion dollar college textbook monopoly. Prices have soared 1041% since 1977, and books now cost up to $400 each! Some courses require students to read several books! Corruption thrives when blatant conflict of interests exist. Some professors require students to purchase an overpriced book that they authored and receive royalties off each sale! If political leaders are truly concerned with soaring college costs and the resulting student loan crisis, they should break up this monopoly. 

Pass a federal law stating that institutions whose students receive federal aid (which means all of them) must provide all textbooks and other required materials free of charge. Once powerful university systems must purchase the books they require, this racket ends instantly. Books would be purchased in volume at deep, deep discounts of perhaps $10 a book, or purchased even cheaper for electronic use. Universities may loan books to students and reuse them for years, just like public high schools. 

If a publisher refuses to deal, a university could choose from dozens of similar books. For example, a publisher would have to choose to accept a $5 profit for each of the 5000 books a year sold to the University of Texas for $10 each, or accept zero! This would cost universities money, so a slight rise in tuition may be expected, but textbooks costs would drop some 95% once the free market is required and these corrupt monopolies end.

Sep 5, 2015 - Dead Syrians

Our nation's propaganda machine spins world events. After years of bombing and creating chaos in Iraq and Syria, its people are fleeing to Europe. Our media claims no one knows why this exodus has occurred, but insists Europe must absorb these refugees. A picture of a drowned Syrian boy was shown by the media the past several days, with comments that everyone is outraged, and something must be done.

What about the thousands of Syrian children killed the last few years by our CIA/Saudi/Turkish coup attempt in that nation. There are lots of photos of dead Syrian children on the internet, take a peek if you dare to care, and wonder why those photos are not shown by our corporate media. Few Americans know that our nation spends billions of dollars each month to drop tons of bombs on Syria. At least a dozen airstrikes are conducted each day against suspected targets, and almost every bomb kills innocent civilians. After a year of daily bombing, the Pentagon claims they are effective, but admits they will not win the conflict. No one mentions that daily bombing and endless destruction caused a civilian exodus, except for this article at Antiwar.com.

One can speculate as to why Western governments purse this evil policy. If the Syrian government falls the chaos will be far worse. Destroying Syria's infrastructure with years of bombing and warfare, resulting in depopulation by mass exodus makes no sense to anyone, unless one believes the "Greater Israel" theory. Many Zionists argue that Syria and Western Iraq should be annexed by Israel because these regions are part of the "Promised Land" described in the Bible.

Sep 1, 2015 - Lost Battles of the Vietnam War

G2mil's most visited page is Lost Battles of the Vietnam War. While most visitors love it, some are appalled to learn that the U.S. military lost so many battles in Vietnam. At least one each month sends a childish e-mail containing rambling nonsense. This encourages me to research and add other losses, like these:

Overrun at Ap Trang Dau - On the night of Sep 5, 1968, nine companies from the 101st Airborne division converged on the village of Ap Trang Dau, trapping a large enemy force. The VC charged forth behind a shield of civilians and quickly overran Company A of the 3rd Battalion and escaped, while killing 33 Americans and wounding 41. 

Attack on the USS Westchester County - This amphibious ship served as a mobile base to support riverine forces in Vietnam. On Nov 1, 1968, VC commandos attached two large bombs to her hull and swam away. The explosion knocked two huge holes in the ship, killing 25 men aboard and wounding 27. The crew managed to beach the ship to avoid sinking.

Aug 31, 2015 - The End of the Tank?

Events this year support a thesis in my book, The Spectrum of Future Warfare, that ultra-expensive armored vehicles are less valuable due to the advancement of small, guided anti-tank weapons. The excellent SNAFU blog has been covering incidents in Iraq, Syria, and now Yemen where Arab armies with the world's more modern, ultra-expensive armored vehicles keep getting slaughtered by insurgents equipped with small, modern anti-armor missiles.

Aug 25, 2015 - Rehabilitation Prohibited

A disturbing trend in the USA are public colleges screening out applicants with a criminal history. Given that one in eight American males are felons, and one in three black males, this is outrageous discrimination. Everyone loves a model student, but public colleges exist to allow citizens to improve themselves. It a citizen is dangerous to others, he should be locked up. But if no longer deemed dangerous and having paid for his crimes, he should be encouraged to attend college. Of course college employees prefer less troublesome students, yet they are civil servants paid to serve all citizens, even those with criminal records. It is difficult to know how widespread this bureaucratic discrimination has become, but even big NYU discriminates against citizens with a criminal past.

Aug 24, 2015 - Another Banned Book in the USA

I read "The Federal Mafia" many years ago, but just learned it has been banned from further publication. The author posted it on-line for free to evade the ban. It is a thought provoking book, and obviously the federal government does not like it. Author Irwin Schiff is one of America's long-time political prisoners. For decades he promoted the idea that since the 5th Amendment prohibits self-incrimination, one need not submit annual tax forms as part of a system the IRS says is voluntary compliance. The IRS dislikes this concept, and has kept Schiff in jail for most of his life, using the logic that his free speech promotes fraud. 

Others have mailed tax forms unsigned, since that block says you may be prosecuted if anything is deemed false. Others send in blank forms, with a note citing their 5th Amendment right. All of these ideas have been rejected by federal courts, and there are lots of citizens in federal prison for refusing to file tax returns, which wasn't required until the 1950s. Prior to that the government assessed income taxes using whatever information it could collect and sent a bill to each taxpayer.

Schiff has reasons for refusing to voluntarily provide information that may be used against him in court. For example, interest on the national debt. This means that every newborn baby owes tens of thousands of dollars as part of his share of "the national debt", and most of this is paid to billionaires. As a result, the has IRS evolved into tax collectors for our new feudal system in which workers are taxed and much of that money is transferred to the wealthiest people on Earth, who own all these treasury bonds. They are allowed to pass this massive wealth to their children tax-free through a system of trusts, life insurance swaps, and retirement plans. As a result, the western world is returning to a system of feudalism. This explains why politicians are not concerned by growing national debt because it results in growing peonage.

Aug 17, 2015 - National Defense?

While we spend hundreds of billions of dollars overseas each year for what is laughably called "national defense", America's homeland is invaded by thousands of unknown persons daily. These invaders cause huge social problems, like filling up emergency rooms for free care. Illegal aliens also kill hundreds of American citizens each year, but our Department of Defense does not care. Watch this video of a recent Miami photo shoot, which is disrupted as a dozen desperate invaders dash ashore unchallenged. 

Aug 15, 2015 - Burning Up Japanese

Controversy remains amid the 70th anniversary of dropping atomic bombs. IF the two bombs ended the war, one must agree with combat vet and author Paul Fussell, who wrote an essay: “Thank God for the Atomic Bomb”. But there is good evidence the Japanese were trying to surrender and the bombs were a demonstration to shock the Soviets.

Few Americans know that more Japanese were killed with firebombing than the two atomic bombs. THE best short video about the firebombings and the two nukes appears in the great, great documentary “Fog of War” where the guy who advocated firebombing, Robert McNamara, yes that one, explains why, and seems unhappy that his advice was used.

Watch this! One of the most important short video clips of the modern era.

Aug 9, 2015 - Big Game Hunters Save Big Game

Amid the media furor about American big game hunters in Africa, no one explained how they save big game from extinction. A system developed over the years whereas the fees paid by big game hunters fund the rangers who protect the animals in the parks from dangerous poachers. A fee of $50,000 to kill just one lion pays the annual salary for at least five armed park rangers, who view poachers as thieves stealing their animals. This business also provides thousands of tourist related jobs.

If big game hunting were banned, most of these poor countries could not afford park rangers and poachers would wipe all the animals in a few years. Most species grow in number and must be culled somehow, so big game hunts are the perfect solution. I suppose anyone who objects can donate $50,000 to each of these park systems to help employ rangers, who would have to shoot excess animals anyway, but I doubt any American really cares that much about big game.

Aug 8, 2015 - Airborne Idiots

Once again, one of the most idiotic things done our military practices are mass paratrooper drops from large aircraft. They even use C-17s, as this video shows! A huge aircraft flying low and straight can be downed by any weapon, not to mention missiles. The Army claims they will drop where there is no enemy, but then must walk? The USAF would be foolish to send in C-17s or even C-130s within 100 miles of an enemy with real weaponry because no one knows for sure where all threats exist. And when these exhausted foot soldiers engage the enemy, how can they be resupplied without airdrops nearby? Yet they spend billions of dollars a year practicing this insanity. 

This is why I was happy to learn that the U.S. Army just posted a short book on-line on the dismal history of airborne operations: When Failure Thrives. Keep in mind that major airborne operations occurred before guided missiles appeared, so failure will be worse. I suspect the vast majority of U.S. Army officers agree that airborne operations bigger than company-size against any professional army is crazy, and so is using C-17s, which is why this book appeared. At least eight soldiers have died in senseless paratrooper drops so far this year, and dozens seriously injured. Stop this insanity! War is not a sport!

Aug 3, 2015 - Scott Ritter Released from Prison

You may remember Scott Ritter. He was a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who became a UN weapons inspector. He infuriated the Bush administration and some in the CIA by appearing on numerous TV shows prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq to proclaim that Iraq had no WMDs. Since then he's been a persistent critic of American foreign policy in the Middle East, until 2012.

That's because was sent to prison for almost three years for masturbating at home in front of a webcam. This was the second time he was arrested while targeted in a law enforcement sting. Perhaps he has a problem, but I'm sure many powerful people are pleased that he is now a felon and no longer appears on TV, all the result of a government sting operation in which no one was harmed. 

Child pornography is an even easier way a government can toss someone in prison. You may be arrested and imprisoned for years based on something found on your computer, even though you were unaware of it and anyone could have downloaded it. Note that viewing something on your computer downloads the image, so if you click a link and see something you find disgusting, you may delete it but evidence of your "crime" remains on your hard drive. 

Files can even be added to your computer AFTER you are arrested and your computer seized. This was depicted on one episode of the X-Files, when they needed to arrest a prominent person to remove him from the public eye. One agent asked the other what he charged him with -- child porn? The other said, yes, that's the easiest, and no friends will come to his defense. A child porn prosecution does not require a victim, nor witnesses to the crime, nor proof that the accused did anything, other than owning a laptop where images were "found"! 

Aug 1, 2015 - Sanders for President!

Most readers would be shocked to learn they support most views of Senator Bernie Sanders, who our TV tells us is an evil socialist. Spend a few minutes to watch this recent interview to discover the truth, which includes:

The interviewer suggests that Sanders’ espousal of democratic socialism entails putting certain international concerns before national ones with policies like sharply raising the level of immigration we permit, even up to a level of open borders. Sanders responds: 

“Open borders? No. That’s a Koch brothers proposal; a right-wing proposal, which would make everybody in America poorer—you’re doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don’t think there’s any country in the world that believes in that. If you believe in a nation state or in a country called the United States or UK or Denmark or any other country, you have an obligation in my view to do everything we can to help poor people. What right-wing people in this country would love is an open-border policy. Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour, that would be great for them. I don’t believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country, I think we have to do everything we can to create millions of jobs.

You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? If you’re a white high school graduate, it’s 33 percent, Hispanic 36 percent, African American 51 percent. You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids?

I think from a moral responsibility we’ve got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty, but you don’t do that by making people in this country even poorer.”

The corporate sponsored Democrat Party must keep this madman out of any debates. He’ll stomp Hillary.

Jul 29, 2015 - Batman Airbase

When I first read about Batman airbase in Turkey I assumed it was a code name for a secret base. But that is its actual name, being located near the city of Batman near the Batman River in Batman province.

Jul 26, 2015 - Round up American Muslims?

Here is a shocking video of retired American four-star General Wesley Clark advocating that we round up "radicalized" American Muslims and place them in interment camps for everyone's protection. As soon as that begins, they'll start rounding up any "radicalized" American too, just to be fair. No laws need be broken and no courts involved. Clark said that Americans would still have freedom of speech, but our government should also have the freedom to imprison anyone they don't like. 

Americans should be shocked at this suggestion that we adopt Nazi and Commie law enforcement ideas, yet the commentator said nothing and our corporate media showed no interest. Ironically, Clark was discussing the recent killing of Marines in Chattanooga by a Muslim-American, yet the killer showed no signs of being radicalized. 

Jul 25, 2015 - The Trump Threat

Donald Trump is suddenly a serious threat to the American political establishment. He is bashing and mocking them while addressing key issues that are considered taboo by corporate America, international trade deals and illegal immigration. Both political parties view him as dangerous so their corporate sponsors are punishing him financially and bombarding the public with misleading news accounts. Watch this recent Trump speech to see why he is considered a huge threat. His solutions are vague but he is convincing. They must find a way to keep him out of the presidential debates, which is difficult because he is now the front runner by 11 percentage points. This will be interesting.

Jul 20, 2015 - Iran Innovates

I've been pondering a future artillery system that is simple and effective and decided any platform that could heave a 2000lb bomb a few miles would be great. I recently came across that concept when I saw this picture of an Iranian system. I added the idea to the VIGUM section in my future warfare book:

VIGUMs can also provide precision artillery support from low cost platforms. A basic pick-up truck can carry a 2000 lb missile with a high explosive warhead as this simple Iranian Mindex system demonstrates (pictured). The large missile means that it can use simple guidance like TOW wire spooling out or a wireless system. Drones always uses wireless control, but for unknown reasons missile systems do not. This "artillery system" requires a crew of one. The truck follows forward forces and when they make contact, he stops, elevates, and fires the ballistic missile at the general target area and then guides it to a precision hit via a video link. The accuracy and effect would be that of an airstrike, with no risk to an aircraft and at less than 1% the cost. VIGUMs are a revolution that armies have failed to acknowledge."

Jul 18, 2015 - Benghazi Benghazi!

You may be tired of the years of incoherent ramblings by Republicans about Hillary Clinton's failure in Libya. But they and our media refuse to report the real story, which G2mil mentioned years ago. The great Andrew Napolitano collected hard proof that "She obtained permission from President Obama and consent from congressional leaders in both houses of Congress and in both parties to arm rebels in Syria and Libya in an effort to overthrow the governments of those countries." None of this was reported to all of Congress or the American people, and many of these arms were sent to groups listed as terror groups, which is prohibited by law.

Jul 13, 2015 - Recent World History

If you are interested in what happened in the world over the past 20 years, read this brilliant summation by Paul Craig Roberts. Since Americans only know what our corporate media tells us, most will be shocked, unless they read alternative "independent" news on the net. 

The situation in Greece is interesting as they rebel against rule by bankers via Washington. Their economy is of little significance in the world; it's the size of Louisiana. Have you ever bought something made in Greece? However, Italy and Spain are several times larger and their citizens/governments have become less cooperative with bankers in recent years. If the USA and EU punish Greece and cause extreme hardship, it may turn to Russia for help, and threaten the existence of the NATO offense alliance. 

An easy way big New York banks make billions of dollars is with "credit default swaps"; an unregulated form of insurance they use to sell dubious government bonds. If Greece defaults, the bankers owe investors billions of dollars, and if Spain and Italy default, our prestigious "investment" banks will need yet another bailout by their friends at the Federal Reserve. As a result, democracy will be defeated in Greece and it will remain a vassal state, through bribery, the threat of violence, or violence in the form of assassinations, a coup, or both. This is standard procedure as described in the great book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." Some may find this prediction absurd, but the USA thwarted democracy with a coup in Greece in 1967!

Jul 11, 2015 - Forgotten History

On July 7, 1865, nooses are adjusted for four of the conspirators involved in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at what is now Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington.

Alexander Gardner/Library of Congress

Jul 6, 2015 - Freedom of Speech?

Comedian Chris Rock no longer performs at college campuses because all content must be politically correct. He says administrators are terrified by anything someone may deem offensive, like this classic skit. I don't know anyone who doesn't think that is funny, but we are no longer supposed to discuss such things. 

Jul 4, 2015 - Trump Card

Corporate America has been attacking Donald Trump for his populist views. All presidential candidates must be in favor of uncontrolled international trade and open borders. None may suggest that mass illegal immigration has a downside; Trump suggested that illegals are dangerous criminals. A few days later, a Mexican national gunned down a young lady for fun.

"The suspect arrested on suspicion of murder in the shooting death of Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14 Wednesday had a rap sheet of seven felonies, was deported five times, and in March was released from San Francisco Jail despite immigration authorities asking that he be held, officials said Friday."

The city of San Francisco passed an ordinance in 2013 directing its justice system to ignore immigration detainers. The Obama administration has only been deporting foreign felons, yet San Fran has been releasing them on their streets! I checked NBC news, whose bosses quickly fired Trump for his "insensitive" remarks, to see if they reported on this sensational story. They did, but chose not to include a key fact. The killer had been arrested by ICE (immigration) and was ready to deport him due to his lengthy criminal record, but San Fran police had an outstanding warrant. ICE cooperatively turned him over for prosecution, but San Fran chose not to prosecute him.

Then someone decided to let this unemployed foreign drug dealer with seven felonies free on the streets instead of returning him to ICE for deportation. The San Fran city spin lawyer states that he didn't have an active warrant, but that's because he was already in custody. No one issues warrants for people already in custody! They knew he had seven prior felonies yet refused to return him to ICE for removal? They aided his escape from federal authorities and he gunned a young lady for fun four months later. Someone should be fired for this! Maybe the mayor.

It will be interesting if democracy can force the city to eliminate this insane policy. Read comments from readers in those articles to see that ALL voters agree this city ordinance is insane. Then go walk among the thousands of homeless, unemployed U.S. citizens on the streets of San Fran to learn that we don't need thousands of foreigners working illegally in that city, who drive up rents and unemployment, push down wages, and commit crimes.


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