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Feb 16, 2019 - Pay for Delay Crime

Having read much about our nation's anti-trust laws, I am shocked that "Pay for Delay" is allowed. When drug patents expire, generic drug manufacturers can produce prescription drugs and sell them for far less. However, big Pharma often pays them not to produce! This is blatant price fixing, anti-competitive collusion, and they do this openly! 

Our FTC claims it is outraged and has sued to stop this, but somehow never succeeds. Our corrupt Congress has also failed to address this $3.5 billion annual fraud used to gouge sick people! They could end this criminal activity with a law that would prove extremely popular with the public, but no one in our media allows this to be discussed.

Feb 15, 2019 - Aborted Coup

Unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Justice discussed organizing a soft coup to oust President Trump, led by acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Some argue this procedure is legal, but this plan was certainly not the intent of the 25th Amendment to remove an incapacitated President. Such an effort should be led by the Vice President with support from the majority of the cabinet, or perhaps senior senators from both political parties. 

It is shocking this was seriously discussed, and even more shocking it is now openly admitted. So shocking that "60 Minutes" decided not to air part of a recent interview with McCabe where he mentioned this. I assume that plotting to overthrow the President of the United States is a crime. It has become common for many Democrats to call for the overthrow of the elected US President too! When will our Department of Justice indict these dangerous people openly plotting to overthrow our government?

Meanwhile, the corrupt Democratic party machine is working with its media partners to manipulate the selection of another Obama-like corporate spokesman to run against Trump. A Democratic candidate who runs in favor of single payer health care, securing the border, ending wars, restoring higher taxes on the wealthy, and cutting military spending could easily beat Trump. However, these issues are opposed by the billionaires who fund and run the new Democratic party. They'll probably manipulate the process to select a trusted "moderate" like Joe Biden. Someone who campaigns on some of these popular issues, but once elected does nothing, just like President Obama. As a result, millions of Democrats will not vote or choose to vote for the Green Party.

Most Americans don't trust the Democratic Party after Obama fooled them. The party has also given voice to open borders crazies, anti-white racists, and transsexual activists, who most voters dislike. As a result, Trump is likely to win unless the economy collapses because of his cut taxes and boost spending policy, which David Stockman says will occur soon. Trump's border security theme is popular with voters, and if he succeeds in avoiding another war (in Venezuela) and pulls out of Syria and especially Afghanistan, Trump will win again! This is a sad reality.

Feb 14, 2019 - Making Fake Gold

I wrote about the use of tungsten to produce fake gold bars and just learned that a Chinese company openly sells them with this disclaimer: "Our gold-plated bullion tungsten alloy product is only for souvenir and decoration purpose." Based on a reader comment, I added a couple sentences to this paragraph in the last post.

"Others think that since these official bank gold bars are never tested, they might just be gold plated. Gold is a very heavy metal that weighs 1206.83 pounds per cubic foot, so the easiest way to check is to measure and weigh a bar. However, tungsten is 1204.41 pounds per cubic foot, so is close enough to fool that test. A simple method is to drill out holes lengthwise into each bar to remove most the gold. Fill it up with tungsten and seal the holes with gold. The bars retain their official, intricate markings and a thick coat of gold."

I read more on-line and came across two often repeated fallacies. Some claim that if fake bars were widespread, they would be discovered often when jewelers melt them down. But big jewelers buy their gold in bulk from miners and rarely use pure 24k gold since that is too soft. There is no need to waste money buying extra-expensive pure gold with smooth bar castings and intricate markings when they can buy cheaper product directly from miners.

Second, most dealers are confident that their expensive digital scales and dimension measurement method (by simply using water to measure displacement) can detect the tiny density difference of tungsten. This method has flagged tungsten filled bars many times, but not always. First, producing perfectly pure gold bar is impractical, so 99.5% purity is acceptable although 99.9% is common. Tungsten is already 99.8% the density of gold!  Let's say you drilled out half the gold in a bar and filled it with tungsten, the remaining half with 99.9% gold would keep the density at 99.85%. That's a tiny margin to detect!

But what if a crafty metallurgist added some platinum, which is 10% heavier than gold weighing 1339.20 pounds per cubic foot? Platinum is expensive at $802 per ounce compared to $1321 for gold, but adding 2 ounces of platinum to 98 ounces of tungsten would produce a 100 ounce alloy with the exact density as gold! One would only need gold plating to easily pass the best weight/dimension test used by dealers. 

This would explain why world gold prices have remained the same for years, despite strong demand from China and India. Many major central banks may have replaced their solid gold bars with fake ones and sold the gold for profit. In some nations like the USA, there is no outside audit of claimed gold reserves. Even if allowed, fake bars could be shown and counted, but sophisticated testing for purity would be rejected as an insult to the integrity of the vault. Outside audits of the USA's gold reserve at Fort Knox are not allowed, by the same people who permit the Bitcoin scam to thrive.

Feb 10, 2019 - The Truth About Venezuela and Gold

Americans have been exposed to hours of "news" coverage about events in Venezuela, and most is false. First, one needs to understand the history and methods that our corporate elite use to overthrow governments, as explained in this great documentary by John Perkins. (It's a bad copy with a couple audio gaps.) Then read this recent interview with Michael Hudson about the takeover attempt in Venezuela that has dragged on for a decade.

This recent attempt may backfire on global bankers, because two key financial pillars of western dominance violated a long standing trust with other nations. The main banks in New York and London refused to return tons of gold that the government of Venezuela keeps on deposit. That security is kept for national emergences by most nations on Earth, but they just stole Venezuela's gold! What are other nations thinking? Will some attempt move their gold elsewhere? 

Lots of gold experts think the tons of gold kept on deposit for decades no longer exist. The bankers sold them to keep the price of gold down and to book easy profits. If that sounds crazy, read what happened when Germany wanted to move half of its gold deposits from New York to Frankfurt. Google for articles because they are conflicting, but in general when the Germans made this announcement in 2012, the American bankers rejected the idea. This led to political turmoil until 2014 when shipments began and it seems most has now been moved. But there are articles that claim some of the gold bars returned were did not have the same identification markings listed by the Germans, suggesting that New York needed a few years to gradually buy the gold on the world market. 

Others think that since these official bank gold bars are never tested, they might just be gold plated. Gold is a very heavy metal that weighs 1206.83 pounds per cubic foot, so the easiest way to check is to measure and weigh a bar. However, tungsten is 1204.41 pounds per cubit foot, so is close enough to fool that test. A simple method is to drill out holes lengthwise into each bar to remove most the gold. Fill it up with tungsten and seal the holes with gold. The bars retain their official, intricate markings and a thick coat of gold.

There are methods to confirm like using ultrasound, but that takes much time for tens of thousands of bars. Moreover, if you own the bars you really don't want to test them! Even if bankers tested and discovered most of their bars are fake, they wouldn't tell anyone.

Feb 9, 2019 - Don't Trust Siri

A teenage boy was arrested for testing Apple AI assistant Siri. He told his trusted assistant Siri that he wanted to shoot up a school. Police showed up and arrested him. 

I recently called Citibank about my credit card account and answered a verification question. Afterwards, the computer said this would not be necessary if I granted it permission to store my voiceprint for future use. I said no, but suspect it stored it anyway, and shared it with the NSA.

Feb 3, 2019 - The EMALS Disaster Fed by Corruption

Last year, G2mil posted a detailed article about the US Navy's biggest procurement failure: 

The EMALS Disaster - an aircraft carrier than can't launch jet aircraft

The Pentagon's DOTE "test and evaluation" office just released its 2018 year end summary of major weapon's systems. Relevant EMALS highlights:

Executive Summary

• The DOT&E assessment of CVN 78 remains consistent with previous assessments. Poor or unknown reliability of systems critical for flight operations including newly designed catapults, arresting gear, weapons elevators, and radar, could affect the ability of CVN 78 to generate sorties. Reliability of these critical subsystems poses the most significant risk to the CVN 78 IOT&E timeline.


• Testing to date involved 747 shipboard launches and demonstrated EMALS capability to launch aircraft planned for the CVN 78 Air Wing. 

• Through the first 747 shipboard launches, EMALS suffered 10 critical failures. This is well below the requirement of 4,166 Mean Cycles Between Critical Failures, where a cycle represents the launch of one aircraft.

• The reliability concerns are exacerbated by the fact that the crew cannot readily electrically isolate EMALS components during flight operations due to the shared nature of the Energy Storage Groups and Power Conversion Subsystem inverters onboard CVN 78. The process for electrically isolating equipment is time-consuming; spinning down the EMALS motor/generators takes 1.5 hours by itself. The inability to readily electrically isolate equipment precludes EMALS maintenance during flight operations. [This means all four catapults must be shut down for at least 1.5 hours to repair just one.]

A few hours later, the Pentagon announced a $15 billion contract for more Ford class carriers. The Secretary of the Navy assures us all is well and that he will resign if the Ford is not working great next year. That might pay off for him because getting this contract signed to start building a fourth Ford carrier while the first Ford remains non-deployable just assured him a multi-million dollar job in the ship industry once he resigns.

Feb 2, 2019 - USAF to Reopen Unneeded Airbase

A great example of waste and corruption in the US military is the plan to rebuild and reopen Tyndall Air Force base. The number of aircraft in the USAF has fallen nearly in half over the past 20 years, so it has far too many airbases that are expensive to operate. For example, after F-22 bases were selected only half as many F-22s were procured as planned, so all F-22 bases have ample room for more aircraft.

Last year, Tyndall Air Force F-22 base in Florida was destroyed by a hurricane. Tyndall's F-22s were quickly relocated to other bases. Some questioned why such expensive aircraft were based in an area with hurricanes since several F-22s undergoing maintenance were destroyed. Nevertheless, the Air Force just announced at least $3 billion will be spent over five years to rebuild and reopen unneeded and poorly located Tyndall!

Politics are important and the base is a mess, but the Air Force should have proposed spending a couple billion to clean up Tyndall and prepare it for industrial or other productive private sector uses. But our Congress and Pentagon are so selfish and corrupt they don't give a damn about wasting money. Just bill the taxpayers and always blame poor readiness and accidents on a lack of funding!

Jan 27, 2019 - A Clumsy Slow Coup

Corporate America media has not reported basic facts about the attempted takeover of Venezuela. The Deep State has tried to overthrow the popular, elected government of Venezuela for a decade as it gradually nationalized its oil production. Several coup attempts failed so the USA imposed sanctions to punish the people for voting wrong. Sanctions caused shortages and inflation but the elected government remains in power.

In the past, the USA conducted coups by bribing Generals to conduct a quick military takeover, and always denied participation. The Trump administration gave up on deception and began a clumsy, slow coup. I suspect Trump's new CIA appointed attorney general told Trump that he had the power to appoint foreign presidents, so last week he openly appointed a new president for Venezuela. The Venezuelan army openly backs the existing president so nothing changed. The UN did not recognize Trump's puppet president nor did any other major world power. These facts do not appear in our corporate media, although the internet provides reality via a Paul Craig Roberts article.

Trump has now ordered other nations to send payments for oil purchases to a bank account controlled by his new president. This infuriates foreign governments because they know oil shipments will stop if they fail to pay the legitimate government of Venezuela, and oil prices will rise worldwide as they scramble to buy oil elsewhere. Meanwhile, a massive humanitarian and refugee crisis is building as the result of this economic embargo.

Jan 26, 2019 - Bush Delivered Pizza!

Readers probably know that former President George W Bush bought pizza for his Secret Service detail. I'd think any decent ex-President would do something like that several times a year. Since Bush is a multi-millionaire, and his loitering bodyguards earn at least $70,000 a year, this is not big deal, and certainly not news. A real news editor would pass on this "story." 

But none did. It seems every outlet in the USA carried this "news". This reinforces my view that a secret group decides what is news for every corporate news outlet in the USA. Click this Google search link to see the hundreds of news outlets that deemed this mindless pizza story fit to print. Bush is a top Deep Stater and they are trying to rehabilitate his war criminal reputation with a steady flow of positive stories. 

Jan 21, 2019 - Bill Barr is CIA

President Trump's new attorney general is a career CIA agent. He is not a career CIA officer, but trained at CIA headquarters for years and then continued as a covert agent placed in key government positions. This is not mentioned in our corporate media, and explains why Democrats also supported his nomination. 

This is more evidence that Trump has no intention to confront the Deep State. I'll be surprised if he can accomplish a very minor rollback by removing our troops from Syria, which may be just to consolidate forces for an attack on Iran. Meanwhile, Barr can meet with fellow covert CIA agent Robert Mueller to keep the political gridlock game going so nothing changes, the empire keeps expanding, and Trump remains under tight control.

Jan 20, 2019 - The Wall

We don’t need a wall (or high barrier) along 90% of the border because most sections are too far from road access on Mexican side, nor do we need them along 99% of the Canadian border. Healthy young males can trek miles through the desert to remote areas and cut through the low, wire fence, but they are easy to detect in open areas, and easier to deal with than moms with children.

One can visit the border near urban areas or just search on Youtube and see that we really need a first class barrier along 10% of the Mexican border. This will deter chaos in the easily accessible areas by replacing an assortment of old, wobbly fences that even moms with kids hop over.

Trump should also push Congress for mandatory E-verify, which is now voluntary. If E-verify were required, most employers would turn away illegal applicants, or couldn’t claim they didn’t know an applicant lied on his I-9 form or used a fake ID. E-verify works great and takes employers just a couple minutes to verify an applicant's paper I-9 form. I saw a poster that KFC uses it, and suspect many use it as a free background check system. E-verify also catches those who commit welfare and disability fraud by using a fake identity so their work income is not linked to their real Social Security number.

But some big businesses and modern slavers in the ag industry hate the idea. They and open borders globalists scour the nation for an odd story about E-verify not working because Social Security had a data flaw, and all that person needed to do is walk into a local office to correct it. But the open borders media highlight rare stories and all pressure Congress to not require E-verify. Mandatory E-verify would be more effective than a wall and cost nothing.

Jan 19, 2019 - 1946 Baker Nuclear Test

As a follow up to my January 12th post, a reader suggested reading about the first underwater nuclear test, and watching the video.

Jan 14, 2019 - Worldwide CIA Logistics Hub in Baghdad

This article is of interest: The Secret Logistics of America's Global Deep State. The massive US embassy in Baghdad is the largest in the world with 16,000 personnel! It is really a walled compound ten times larger than any other embassy, which includes large warehouses. It ships truck-size shipping containers to American embassies around the world. I assume this is done to abuse the "diplomatic pouch" exception allowed for embassies, so that shipments cannot be inspected by the host nation. That article notes:

"According to Wikileaks' database, orders to ship more than 540 tonnes of cargo to the US were made in May 2018. The same document shows other main delivery destinations included 120 tonnes of freight to Europe, and 24 tonnes to South Africa, South America and Central Africa respectively. …"

What are they shipping from remote Baghdad? Gold? Weapons? Narcotics? Cash? They are not shipping from the USA since American law enforcement might take an interest in odd warehouse activity. The US State Department and its Iraq ambassador have no authority over most of this "embassy." The US military working for the CIA runs this mysterious freight operation. The US Congress, major media, and even our allies know not to ask what's going on.

Jan 13, 2019 - Sirius Disclosure

I'm watching this entire series of videos and several are great. Here is a great one, an interview with a career high-tech expert who worked for the Deep State. It starts out slow and is not really about UFOs, but about black projects and secret organizations. 

He says tracking chips have been implanted in thousands and perhaps millions of people, like US Special Forces personnel, and possibly tracked by satellite. He says this is done in case they are captured or kidnapped, so they can save them (or kill them in the process) before they are tortured and reveal secrets. These tiny devices can be injected so people may be unaware they carry them inside their body.

Jan 12, 2019 - An Unstoppable Nuke

A few months ago, Russia announced that it was deploying a strategic nuclear torpedo. A new long-range torpedo may be impractical, but standard Cold war era nuclear torpedoes can be used. One could be launched off a coast and explode underwater, causing a massive tsunami wave contaminated with radioactive particles. This is a very simple low-cost concept, and nearly impossible to counter. Imagine a 20-foot tidal wave hitting the huge Norfolk naval base. All the ships in port would be lifted and smashed against their piers, causing massive damage with much of the base and city destroyed.

Jan 6, 2019 - Our Post-Literate Society

I'm thinking about ending this website to devote energy to youtubing. This is a rational step as we move to a post-literate society. People are reading less and less, and not just books. Videos are an easier method to absorb information, although more difficult to produce. I can produce short, corrective, historical documentaries that should make an impact.

Here are two recent examples of interesting videos from others to start the new year.

Leaders show no obligation to American voters

Continuing the Pursuit of Freedom

Jan 1, 2019 - The Empire Retreats

This year's theme is the acknowledgement by some leaders that the American empire is overstretched. Our military/intelligence organizations lack the resources to expand, and struggle to control recent conquests, like eastern Syria. Expect more contraction in the coming years.


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