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Jul 23, 2017 - Military Procurement Disasters

Two of our nation's biggest military scandals/failures are emerging. The $13+ billion aircraft carrier USS Ford was just commissioned even though several serious problems remain, as this excellent article explains. It has yet to launch and recover jet aircraft because that is considered unsafe. This is why the Navy doesn't plan to deploy the Ford until 2020 or later! And the second carrier in this class is halfway complete and the third has begun construction! All have several, unproven technologies that have failed thus far after years of research, development, and testing ashore.

Meanwhile, the F-35 is in full production even though testing remains unfinished. It is a computer controlled aircraft and aerial refueling tests have shown that unsafe. Control is sluggish, just like the V-22, because pilot input tells the computer what needs to be done, and it takes a second for the computer to calculate what is needed to respond. This is not a problem for most operations, but is huge problem when prompt flight adjustments are required. A second problem is the $400,000 helmet system does not work well at night. Someone leaked a long F-35 safety briefing video from last year that explained these problems.

I hate it when fools respond to criticism by claiming all new technology has problems that can be solved with more time and money, that's progress! This is false, many ideas prove impractical or impossible after billions of dollars are wasted. If one bothers to read about cancelled military procurement programs, there are many examples when billions of dollars were spent long after it was obvious that a concept cannot work, like the airborne laser. Others enter service to provide less capability that than older systems that cost half as much.

Jul 17, 2017 - The Tank is Dead

In my book I declare the tank is dead, but provide a limited explanation. Here are more details in an article that I just posted after years of research and thought: The Tank is Dead

In summary, tanks are armed to destroy other tanks and have little defense against modern threats like: attack aircraft and helicopters, ATGMs, UAVs, and infantry with shoulder-fired rockets.

Jul 14, 2017 - Did Our CIA Organize a Violent Attack in the Philippines, Again?

My May 30, 2016 blog post "CIA Terrorism in the Philippines" showed why Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is not pro-American. The story involves hard proof that agents of the US Government killed dozens of innocent civilians in the Philippines with random bombings to generate support for a greater American military presence in that nation. 

Since then, Duterte has improved relations with China and ordered American troops out of the Philippines. That country is a long time American ally/puppet located in the center of the Western Pacific and a favorite CIA playground. Experts thought Duterte may have a fatal accident or a coup may occur. However, relations improved as the Philippine military faced an unexpected threat. 

The Philippine Army often clashes with small rural groups of insurgents/militias/tribal forces/gangs/private armies, who also fight each other. Neither side seeks bloody battles so these groups flee when confronted by soldiers or an agreement is reached. However, several weeks ago a large heavily armed group with many newly arrived foreign Islamists seized the small city of Marawi. Philippine reaction forces soon arrived to chase them off, but they stood and fought. These terrorists made no demands and had no objective other than to kill soldiers. 

The Philippine Army is good but not equipped for heavy fighting as it has no tanks. It took several weeks to deploy a large force and it was forced to employ artillery and air strikes that caused much damage. American special forces advisors showed up to help while American Navy reconnaissance aircraft circled overhead. This fighting is nearly over as just a few surviving terrorists remain in Marawi.

One must ask, who funded this major anti-government operation? Where did all this weaponry come from? What was the objective? As ISIS struggles in the Middle East, why devote resources to a pointless attack in the distant Philippines. Only 6% of the Philippine population is Muslim, so there is no chance that an Islamic revolution will ignite. The only rational answer is that ISIS is funded by Saudi Arabia, who are allied with our CIA. The CIA wanted to embarrass Duterte and demonstrate the need to keep American troops in the Philippines, so asked their Arab friends to send arms, Islamist fighters, and money to bribe local Islamic gangs to seize Marawi and put up a fight. 

This looks like a successful CIA covert op! Don't act surprised. These guys recently destroyed Libya and Syria as part of their goal of a global empire.

Jul 9, 2017 - Fake News about Wages

Corporate America hates higher wages, which is why our national minimum wage has fallen far behind inflation the past 40 years. They order their media to convince working Americans that higher wages are actually a bad thing for them, and people working for minimum wage do not deserve a raise, because they are lazy scum. They recently got Maine and Missouri to lower their minimum wage, supposedly to help workers. Since the USA has been nearly de-unionzed over the past 50 years, the minimum wage is the only barrier to ever lower wages until we hit rock bottom like most Latin American nations.

Corporate America has been furious ever since Seattle boosted it minimum wage to $15 a hour last year. Their predictions of an economic disaster proved false. Their favorite fake news outlet is Forbes magazine, whose lies are repeated on corporate internet sites. They promote the crazy idea that our nation has millions of minimum wage workers who don't really work most of their shift, but are allowed extra work hours because of the kindness of corporations. So if minimum wage is raised, businesses will be forced to lay off some workers and cut hours to survive. 

They warn of fewer jobs, but never mention that if some jobs are lost, this can be easily offset by stopping the one million foreign work visas issued every year. Higher wages should force prices higher for certain things, but that is a much better "tax" than the current method of government subsidies for low wage workers through complex and inefficient welfare system like food stamps (SNAP), earned income credits, and a dozen other programs. 

In the latest fake news offensive, "researchers" at the University of Washington (probably funded with corporate grant money) cherry picked data to prove that Seattle's minimum wage hike was harmful. This was cited in dozens of news articles around the nation as proof that higher wages are bad for workers. Therefore, I was surprised and thrilled that the Seattle Times published a great article by Rebecca Smith who exposed this fake news: UW Minimum-wage study doesn't reflect the reality of work in Seattle.

Jul 8, 2017 - China or Russia Pushes Back

The recent North Korean missile launch surprised everyone. It was a bigger missile never seen before, and it worked! It was also a mobile missile that could have been driven over its border from China or Russia a few hours before. Its seems likely that one of those nations tired of America's bully threats and sent a message. North Korea has not attacked anyone, and the international community thinks it has the right to build and test missiles just like all other nations. For those concerned about UN resolutions, they should note that the UN Charter prohibits nations from threatening to attack others. The USA does not just threaten weekly, it attacks! The Pentagon recently added Libya and Somali to its weekly bombing list.

Jul 5, 2017 - War Machine

I watched the new Netflix movie "War Machine" a couple weeks ago. It was good (not great) but depressing. It follows a US Army General as he takes charge in Afghanistan. Like the dozens before him, he decides that Afghans need greater security, so demands more troops for a big offensive. This has been tried many times before and always failed, and did so in the movie. Anyone with a basic knowledge of counterinsurgency knows that insurgents know whenever a large force assembles, especially since Americans insist on using lots of helicopters. They scatter and hide as American forces parade through the countryside finding nothing but a few snipers and angry civilians.

Apparently, Secretary of Defense Mattis did not see the movie, or cannot understand it, because a few days after its release he announced that more American troops were needed in Afghanistan to increase security. The great "Saker" recently explained:

"...if we look at the people around Trump it is pretty clear that the only intelligent and rational person in the White House is Rex Tillerson. The rest of them are lunatics, maniacs and imbeciles – the current US what shall I call it—“actions” (can’t call it a “policy”) towards Syria clearly prove that the Executive Branch is completely out of control. We now can clearly see that Mattis and McMaster are not these military geniuses presented to us by the Ziomedia but that, in fact, they are both phenomenally incompetent and that their views of the conflicts in Syria and even Afghanistan can only be characterized as totally lacking anything remotely resembling any kind of vision. Yet these two “geniuses” seem to be in charge."

Jul 4, 2017 - Trigger Happy FBI Agent Caused Death

Corporate America hates armed, rebellious white people. A recent example is the murder of Robert Finicum in late 2016. This Arizona rancher was wanted for minor destruction of government property during a protest in Oregon. Finicum was surprised by the Feds on his way to meet with a county sheriff and chased, then plowed his truck into a snow bank to avoid a roadblock. He got out taunting the surrounding FBI agents and Oregon deputy sheriffs to shoot him. His hands were raised high until a trigger happy FBI agent fired two shots at him. They both missed hitting his truck and breaking a window. This caused Finicum to stumble and drop his hands, so sheriffs opened fire killing him. 

The FBI agent lied and told Oregon investigators that he never fired a shot, and his fellow FBI agents vouched for him. But there was video and two unexplained bullet holes in the truck. It was obvious what happened, so the Justice Department was recently forced to take action, charging the FBI agent with lying to investigators. He could have been charged with manslaughter since his reckless shooting probably caused Finicum's death.

If you google "FBI agent charged" there are lots of news stories, but nearly all are fake news since they report Finicum was shot as he reached for his gun. Only the "Salt Lake Tribune" and a few other small newspapers reported the key facts that he was fired upon while his hands were raised and never brandished a weapon. The fake newsmen only reported that the FBI agent was charged with lying, and left readers confused since they didn't explain why. 

If Finicum wanted a gunfight, he would have been firing as he left his truck, not a few seconds later after stumbling around in the open in deep snow with is hands raised. Moreover, the fake newsmen never reported that the FBI agent shot at him as he exited his truck with his arms raised. The deputies who killed him heard the two shots and were unsure who fired. No one has explained why the FBI continued shooting away at the truck with innocents inside. These weren't dangerous terrorists, escaped convicts, or bank robbers, just folks wanted for minor damage to federal property. The others arrested during this roadblock incident were later found not guilty.

This agent was a member of the FBI's "elite" Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) yet he missing his target, and lucky for him because he may have been charged with manslaughter. On the other hand, at Ruby Ridge, Idaho in 1992 a sniper from the HRT shot a lady in the head who was holding a baby while standing in a doorway. He was never charged, but the Feds paid $3.1 million in damages. Taxpayers will end up paying millions of dollars in compensation for killing Finicum, and the HRT will again escape blame for incompetence while murdering a citizen.

Jul 2, 2017 - Real News About Fake News

You may have read news reports about CNN reporters expressing outrage about continued comments from Trump administration officials that CNN is a fake news network. You may have also read a small story about three CNN newsmen being fired, but our corporate news networks refuse to report the interesting true story about these events. 

A hidden video camera secretly recorded a CNN news producer and his crew discussing politics, complaining that CNN executives insist on airing Trump-Russia collusion stories even though no one has found any evidence! Luckily, the great Jimmy Dore covered this story and provides the actual recordings.

Maybe this is why an established reporter pushed back at the Trump-Russia BS propaganda. Maria Bartiromo is normally a beautiful, polite interviewer. Democratic propaganda leader John Podesta appeared on her show to spin the Russia story, only to find an aggressive Bartiromo counterattack with facts and prove him a liar. She even asked about the open secret our corporate media has ignored. 

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) complains loudly and often that its servers were hacked by Russia. Comey's FBI launched an investigation, but FBI computer experts never examined the DNC servers for evidence and leads. Why didn't the FBI do this? Why didn't the DNC insist they do this? Why didn't our corporate media ask this question every time the DNC publicly claimed that Russia hacked their computers? Why does everyone ignore the fact that Wikileaks stated it wasn't Russia who sent them the DNC e-mails? 

Jul 1, 2017 - Another 9-11 Error

The standard tactic to dismiss anyone who questions the official 9-11 story is to demand answers: "Okay, you tell me what happened that day!" Of course lowly citizens have no idea since they are not briefed on ultra-secret operations. But anyone can perform simple Internet research when issues arise.

For example, reliable sources agree that the maximum speed a B-767-200 commercial airliner can reach at 700 feet above sea level is 360 knots. It can fly faster at high altitudes where the air is one-third as dense. It can fly faster in a steep dive if crashing. But when flying level at 700 feet, 360 knots is the fastest it can fly with installed engine power because of drag limitations. The aircraft that hit the second tower on 9-11 flew in level at 510 knots, as noted in official reports based on radar tracking. This proves that a B-767 did not hit the second tower! There are many articles and youtube videos that detail this, including some by airline pilots, and experts such as this retired NASA expert

"Based on analysis of radar data, the National Transportation and Safety Board reported the groundspeed just before impact as 510 knots. This is well beyond the maximum operating velocity of 360 knots, and maximum dive velocity of 410 knots."

I read comments at websites and watched youtube to see what CIA funded floggers say to debunk this fact. Some claim the B-767 can fly faster but is safety restricted to protect the airframe, known as "never to exceed speed." This is true, but that precaution is to warn of potential damage in cases where a steep high-speed dive may be performed. This is not a problem at level flight because B-767 engines cannot push the aircraft near that limit. Pilots sometimes fly their aircraft at full throttle so they know how fast it can fly. Commercial aircraft are designed with efficiency in mind. They do not have extra big engines to produce extra power that it will never use.

If you google "767 maximum speed sea level" this odd unsigned webpage from a dead website appears first. It is full of lies, yet appears first in the world's most used search engine, provided by a CIA affiliated corporation--Google. The rambling explanation states that a B-767 can perform the high-speed maneuvers as radar showed on 9-11 and falsely claims that pilots agree, with no mention that it lacks of engine power to reach 510 knots, .

Since this airspeed issue is impossible to explain (unless it was a B-767 modified with different engines) protectors of the 9-11 fable resort to personally attacking those who raise this issue, or diverting the discussion to other topics. Why would the plotters make this mistake? First, in any operation there are hundreds of elements to consider and this may have been overlooked. They may have confirmed that a B-767 can fly that fast, overlooking the required altitude of 35,000 feet.

So what hit the South Tower? One can only speculate, but there were witnesses at the scene who stated that it was a twin engine jet like the B-767, but had no windows and was painted grey. What happened to the real aircraft? What happened to the passengers? Who would do this? I don't know, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. But I do know that a standard commercial B-767-200 cannot fly even close to 510 knots at 700 feet, so something else hit the WTC South Tower.


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