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G2mil is a collection of articles on military and space affairs, authored by Carlton Meyer, a former Marine Corps officer who participated in military operations around the world.  He had written dozens of articles for military magazines, but became frustrated that important issues are ignored by editors fearful of upsetting their corporate advertisers or government sponsors. G2mil has grown over the past 15 years, and includes facts not found in the corporate controlled media.

My weekly blog on current affairs

New The Spectrum of Future Warfare - my book about future warfare

Cut Marine Corps Overhead - where to cut fat to retain combat power

Save our Army from Generals - cut non-combat slots

Overseas Base Closure List - close these outdated bases ASAP

Military Films - a list of the best

Transforming National Defense - articles about military reform

Lost Battles of the Vietnam War - 70 lost by our Generals

Sky Ramp Technology - the future of space launch


What someone doesn't want you to publish is journalism, all else is publicity.

                                                                                   Paul Fussell

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