US Military Reform

Laser Scams - lasers are bogus weapons

Overseas Base Closure List - close these outdated bases ASAP

A Professional NCO Corps - make them earn it

Ban Officer Inbreeding - at the military academies

Veterans Day just for Vets - limit this holiday

Restore the Value of Medals - the system is inflated and corrupted

The Mythical North Korean Threat - the USA wastes resources "defending" powerful South Korea

Liberty Ships - are needed for morale

Ban Sports Competition - no more Army/Navy games

Shrink the Officer Corps - no more than one officer for every six enlisted

Officer Intelligence Test - make them take the GMAT 

Married Teenage Warriors - eliminate family housing benefits for E-3s and below

Tenure Flag Officers - allow them full careers to age 62

Ban American Child Soldiers - no more 17-year olds

Defending America at the Border - put US Army troops back on the border

Unify ROTC - combine the three ROTC programs

Federalize Military Prisons - transfer inmates to Federal institutions

Allow Full Enlisted Careers - to age 56

Eliminate BAS - reforming military payroll

Homosexuals Must Stay in the Closet - a new policy is needed

Ban Sports Competition - between the service academies

Allow ALL GIs to drink at base clubs - they deserve it

Ending "Up or Out" - the US military's career system is flawed

Joint Command Ships - a critical need

Redo Warrant Officers - they should be temps

Improving ROTC - while cutting costs and manpower

End Early Retirement - nothing until age 50

High Military Pay - double what civilians earn

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

                                              Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher