Blast-Pen rounds

     Blast-Fragmentation rounds are the most common type of mortar and howitzer munitions.  They are of little value against tanks and other armored vehicles because the random shell fragments cannot penetrate even thin armor.  However, Blast-Penetration rounds could cut through light armor.  Rather than blasting into a hundred fragments, they would fire several darts in all directions to penetrate light armor several meters away, including tank rear armor and metal road wheels. 

      Blast-Pen rounds may consist of small shaped warheads which fire a small anti-armor penetrator dart, like the two used by the TOW2B (right) and BILL "fly-over/shoot down" missiles.  Perhaps small anti-armor gun rounds, like the .50 cal SLAP, could be manufactured with two "Siamese" heads.  These rounds could be stacked within a cargo shell which would fire them a foot off the ground.  Each Siamese round would offset the recoil of its partner as the same explosion sends a bullet in opposite directions.

       Another candidate is the 40mm M433 High Explosive Dual Purpose Cartridge designed for penetration; depicted below by G2mil in actual size for a 155mm cargo round which could carry at least 10 siamese 40mm submuntions.  A thin priming tube with explosive filler would run vertically through stacked rounds to a nose fuse and fire them simultaneously.












      This is not a complex or high cost idea, but the results may revolutionize the battlefield.  Howitzers or heavy mortars could devastate armored units with Blast-Pen rounds.  The Swiss have just fielded a similar weapon The dual-purpose HEAT grenades for the SM 120mm Mortar Cargo Bomb have fragmentation and shaped charge effect.for 120mm cargo mortar munitions, which contain an amazing 32 sub-munitions per round.  (right)


          Carlton Meyer