Transforming the US Marine Corps

      The US Marine Corps is an extremely conservative organization which is very resistant to change.  Today's Marine Corps has retained the same basic organization, bases, and deployment patterns for the past 40 years. A far more capable Marine Corps can be formed at lower costs by adopting these recommendations.

Vital Amtrack Variants - 120mm mortar carrier and SPAAG

A Leaner Corps of 150K - more places to cut

A Lean Marine Corps of 160K - where to cut another 15,000 

Cut Marine Corps Overhead - eliminate 14,300 desk jobs

Fewer Lieutenants - more NCO leadership

Nine MEUs - the US Marine Corps can boost readiness

CL-130 Seaplanes - can land almost anywhere.

Modern Amphibious Warfare -  current doctrine is flawed

155mm Mortars - light weapon, heavy firepower

Global Marines - US Marines must deploy worldwide, not just to Japan

Combat Bullhorns - simple, reliable comm

Update Helicopter Assault Tactics - avert future military blunders

Six Marine Corps Divisions - 10,000-man divisions

Marine Corps Aviation Must Change - still stuck in post-Vietnam deployment patterns

Battalion Scout Helicopters - an inexpensive idea to boost combat power

The Norway Pre-Po Racket - still ready for a Soviet invasion

The Okinawa Solution - pull half our Marines off Okinawa

Marine Integrated Logistics Groups - for a leaner Corps