Transforming the USAF

     The US Air Force has led the way in changing the US military.  However, it has overlooked the value of adapting proven technologies for future use.  Here are inexpensive ideas which can make the Air Force far more effective.

Closing Spangdahlem - only one squadron remains

Downsize Kadena - remember Clark Field!

Halt Plans for New European Bases - in Poland and Romania

The Manas Playground - an airbase with no purpose

Close Share-a-Nuke Sites - deactivate four outdated sites and units

Sky Ramp Technology - the future of space launch

B-3 or B-747 - sealord, missile launcher, bomber 

Air Burst Bombs - revolutionize air combat

Theater-Wide Anti-Aircraft Missiles - fire missiles from AWACS and Hawkeye

Boeing CX - buy 800 747s at half price

Airborne Aircraft Carriers - F-16s can conduct global strike missions from KC-10s

Double Air Crews - double the sortie rate

Modern Guns for the F-35 - turreted forward gun and tail gun

CL-130 Seaplanes - a simple idea

Fiber Optic Guided Bombs  - can hit moving targets

Absorb the Air National Guard - into the Air Force Reserve

Vacate RAF Lakenheath - the Russians Aren't Coming

Close Cold War Airbases in England - except RAF Mildenhall

Pull Aircraft and Airmen Out of Osan - now in a kill zone