A major threat to American national security is rampant population growth in many parts of the world.  Population increases were curtailed throughout history by disease, famine, and war.  Efforts by civilized nations to curb deaths in the uncivilized world have been successful, yet these poor nations cannot absorb the resulting population explosion. The conflict in Kosovo was caused by immigration from rapidly growing Albania.  Perpetual fighting in Africa is the result of millions of homeless people wandering about.  Discontent in the Muslim world is fueled by a population growing faster than national economies.  All Americans are aware of the immigration problems caused by high birth rates in Mexico and the Philippines.

     There are now 6.1 billion people on Earth, twice as many as in 1960.  For every human who dies each day, two are born.  Most all of this population growth occurs in poor nations. This has been caused by the World Health Organization (WHO) and various worldwide relief agencies who try to eliminate premature deaths, which results in chaos among the billions of people on Earth who are best described as "uncivilized".  They cannot read or write, and many do not even understand what causes pregnancy.  As a result, they continue a tradition of women giving birth as often as possible to strengthen their family and tribe.  Rwanda in Africa leads the world in birth rates, with 8.5 children per woman, compared to Italy with only 1.3 children per woman.  India has a high birth rate and is expected to surpass China's population by 2020.  

     With no work in the countryside, surplus people migrate to megacities and live in squalor.  Almost half the people on Earth now live in cities; roughly 2.8 billion people.  By 2015, that number will have risen to 3.9 billion, nearly three-quarters of them in the developing world.  The top five Metro areas are projected to be: Tokyo -  26 million; Mumbai - 26 million; Lagos - 24 million; Dhaka - 21 million; and Sao Paulo - 20 million.  Tokyo will not grow, but these other top four will grow 50%.  While the US Army struggles to maintain order in the fairly modern city of Baghdad with its five million residents, the prospect of military conflict in a megacity worries Pentagon planners.  Since poor megacities operate in near chaos, any disruption will result in catastrophe.

     Its seems impossible for poor megacities to absorb all these people, so where will they go?  Will they just starve on the streets, immigrate, riot, or turn to crime? This is not a future problem, but one that has been growing for years.  These are complex issues that our leaders refuse to face, even after Pat Buchanan boldly addressed this problem is his recent book:  The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization An example is found in the Bush administration's pledge of $15 billion to fight AIDS in poor countries; money which the USA must borrow.  Since AIDS cannot be cured, what's the point of prolonging the agony of millions of surplus people?  More Third Worlders die from common diseases like dysentery, which can be treated with antibiotics, yet they have no money to buy them.  The USA could ship tons of antibiotics to poor nations to save lives, but then who will feed and house these millions of surplus people breeding like rabbits?  

      The best investment the USA can make is educating uncivilized peoples about the problems of huge families and encourage family planning to curb birth rates.  Americans must also focus relief efforts on temporary help in response to acute crises in stable nations, and not hope to solve problems caused by population growth with grain shipments.  This was attempted in Somalia where millions of surplus people had migrated to cities and caused a breakdown in social order.  Feeding these surplus people did not solve the underlying problem of overpopulation, it just prolonged inevitable fighting and dying.

     China suffered from chaos caused by overpopulation for decades until the communists took action, limiting women to one child with the threat of forced sterilization if they had a second.  Many Americans are ignorant of these issues and denounce any aid to family planning organizations that promote contraceptives, sterilization, or abortion. They have never witnessed malnourished babies discarded on the roadside and seem unaware that uncivilized people produce large families when they cannot even feed themselves. Starvation, disease, and war are nature's way of correcting these imbalances, and spending billions of dollars to ship food and medical aid to permanent refugee camps simply makes the problem worse.  Americans must understand the threat these billions of surplus humans cause in the form or mass migration, international crime, terrorism, and small scale warfare.

     The US Government is helping all Americans understand this problem by foolishly importing thousands of surplus refugees each year.  According to the Economist (5-27-03 issue): "Over the next two years, 12,000 Bantu are due to settle in up to 50 cities and towns across America.", and will cost taxpayers about $4000 to settle each one.  These Bantu have no skills, cannot read or write, speak no English, and have no understanding of American culture.  It may cost only $4000 to "settle" each Bantu into government housing, but it will cost local governments millions of dollars to support them for years.    

     The US Government also spends millions of dollars each year to run a "visa lottery".  This idiotic program was begun by Senator Edward Kennedy in the 1980s as a political ploy to increase Irish immigration, and has ballooned into a disaster.  Anyone can enter this game, and 6.2 million foreigners applied for 55,000 slots in 2003, mostly from poor countries.  The top five winners this year hail from Ghana - 6333; Nigeria - 5989; Ethiopia 5562; Bangladesh 4935; and Ukraine 4035.  There is no requirement to speak English, be healthy, read or write, or have jobs skills.  This must be great fun for bureaucrats, but not for the small communities where these winners are dumped.  Although they must pass a security check, how can you check a person with no ID in a nation with few records?  

      Most all winners end up at an American county social services center where they sign up for free health care, housing, and other welfare benefits. While 55,000 new welfare recipients each year seems minor, America's liberal family visa policy allows a dozen family members to eventually join each winner. Many are handicapped or elderly and eventually qualify for Social Security and Medicare through SSI, without having worked a day in the USA. Many communities have trouble finding government housing for their poor because immigrants now take up most space.  Since these unskilled refugees find it difficult to assimilate into American society, they just assume that a lifetime of free government housing, food and health care were part of winning the lottery. With local governments facing bankruptcy and 6.1 million Americans officially unemployed, why doesn't Congress take action?  

     Few Americans know that big business has blocked serious efforts to reduce illegal immigration, and employ one million foreigners in the USA as part of the un-American H-1B visa program while the US government spends money to import unskilled foreign refugees.  Refugee visa programs are not even run by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which require American sponsors who promise to support immigrants for five years; it's just a horrible idea run by the State Department.  If State Department employees were required to house and support their lottery winners for up to five years, they would all quit and the program would end.  If America had leaders who wanted to help the poor and minorities, they would be highly critical of spending federal funds to import poor refugees who keep wages low and absorb monies intended for poor Americans.  Unfortunately, American corporate television and newspapers present their intellectual prostitutes to call anyone a "racist" who wants to help poor Americans by ending senseless refugee programs.  

      It is no surprise that many unskilled and uneducated young refugees are frustrated by their lowly status and turn to crime or violence.  Last August, two Moroccans, who were flown to Michigan in 1990 as visa winners, were indicted for terrorism.  A year ago, an Egyptian who was in the USA after his wife won the visa lottery opened fire at the ticket counter of Israel's national airline at the Los Angeles airport, killing one and wounding several bystanders.  The federal government denied this was terrorism because it didn't want to answer embarrassing questions about the visa lottery.  A few years ago, Bill Cosby's son was murdered for fun while changing a tire on an Los Angeles expressway.  While this was major news, no corporate media mentioned the killing would not have occurred if a maladjusted Ukrainian hadn't been admitted as a refugee.  While immigrants may be not be more violent than Americans, the simple fact is that if they are not here they cannot harm Americans, obtain welfare benefits, crowd county hospitals, or displace American workers.

       Christians want to help their fellow man, and there are millions of poor Americans sleeping their cars or on American streets who need help.  There are also charities where citizens can donate money to help the poor.  They can also join missionary groups or the Peace Corps to help civilize people.  Meanwhile, the US Government must end these visa programs, and close the political asylum/criminal alien loopholes described in my January 2002 editorial.  America has a system of legal immigration where quotas are set and foreigners screened with the idea of selecting those who can best contribute to America and who have American residents willing to sponsor them.

       The federal government must protect and defend citizens of the United States from foreign harm, yet it spends millions of dollars to import thousands of refugees who mostly become a financial burden and pose a physical threat to its citizens.  While the federal government has turned down pleas for federal aid from America's mayors, it is dumping thousands of Bantu and other "tribesmen" on their streets. The US Government must focus efforts on the causes of refugees, and not treat the symptom by resettling surplus people.  American foreign aid must be directed at helping poor nations recover from natural disasters and stopping uncivilized women from creating large families.  A persistent regional shortage of food and water is not a natural disaster, it's a man made disaster. Unless high birth rates are curbed, the world will experience more violence as desperate people migrate.  The US government must keep these unwanted people out, not fly them in free of charge. 

                                                                       Carlton Meyer editorG2mil@Gmail.com 

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