Transforming the US Navy


The US Navy remains frozen in the Cold War.  No nation will challenge its supremacy on the open ocean, so the Navy must focus more resources on expeditionary operations.  Funding is not a problem since billions of dollars are wasted on systems designed to fight the phantom Soviet Navy.  Here are ideas to field a more relevant fleet within six years using proven technology.  This is not radical change, but can make the regular US Navy more effective with no budget increase.

Landing Ship Assault - a modern LST is vital

Vacate Sasebo - remember Pearl Harbor!

Close Gitmo, the Entire Base - it has no purpose

Close Outdated U.S. Military Bases in Japan - Futenma & Atsugi

Close Chinhae Tomorrow - it commands nothing

Diesel-Electric Corvettes - the best LCS

Buy Frigates - big navies also need small ships

Quartered on Ship - compensate unmarried sailors